An elevator is an investment in customer service. Protection pads, for your elevator fixture, ensure you get the maximum life out of your investment. K-Elevator provides three colours of protective pads. Protection pads can be customized with your business logo for exposure.

Wall space in elevators can be ideal for the posting of notices. K-Elevator installs two sizes of metal notice boards with a locking mechanism, so you post information in an orderly fashion.

If the cladding on your car door or surrounding frame needs to be changed, due to damage or a different aesthetic, K-Elevator will remove the old skin and apply a new one in your chosen material.

  • Broken Glass
  • Scratches
  • Panel Repair
  • Lighting

Custom Design or standard layout.

At K-Elevator, we recognize the passenger experience begins prior to entering the elevator, leading to us providing wall cladding and notice board installation next to elevators.

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