Being Exceptional in the Little Details Makes the Greatest Impact

The perfect elevator experience should be smooth and enjoyable. The cab atmosphere should be one of security and serenity, as passengers travel inside an exquisitely designed and crafted elevator cab. It’s the unseen mechanisms that most impact the passenger experience. Passionate craftsmanship and commitment to excellence are essential to fabricating flawless elevator interiors.

Standard & Custom Interiors

Custom interior configurations with an extensive array of panels, light fixtures, flooring, handrails, and more.

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Interior Services

Heighten the aesthetic of your elevator while protecting its fixtures with pads, boards, frames, and more.

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Why K-Elevator?

Experience – and a quality reputation to support that experience – should be key factors when choosing a company to design or redesign your elevator cabs.

K-Elevator Cabs West is proud to bring over 30 years of experience to the West Coast. Since our inception, our mission has been delivering impeccably designed elevators, with uncompromising functionality.

People should notice your elevators for their fine details! Contact K-Elevator Cabs West today at 905-837-2043.

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Transform Your Elevators through Custom Design

What is the first impression as passengers step into the elevators in your building? Are they struck by how well-lit and modern they are? Or do they say things such as, “This elevator is dark, dated, and uncomfortable”?

You don’t need to compromise your elevator’s form nor function. Your building can be home to flawlessly designed elevators that people want to ride in.

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